Data recovery in Tallinn, Estonia.

Data recovery for all data storage devices!

Netiabi Hoolduskeskus recovers data
and helps to store it more efficiently.

We ensure the privacy of your data!

Data recovery for damaged hard drive

Dropped your external hard drive?
Is the hard drive making strange noises?
Computer can’t detect the hard drive?


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Netiabi Hoolduskeskus helps to restore data for computers dropped or broken.

Data carrier diagnostics takes time from a day to five days. The customer receives a list of the files that can be restored.

If we can’t restore your data, you don’t have to pay!

We guarantee complete privacy of data.

Your hard drive dropped or got shocked?
Dropping or getting shocked is not good for a hard drive, as it causes smaller or larger damage.

One of the milder consequences of being dropped or getting contused is emergence of damaged sectors. These sectors are unreadable, and the data on those doesn’t work either in whole or in part. The price of the data recovery depends on the amount of damaged sectors. Each case is individual.

Much worse consequences of a fall or a contusion is the hard disk drive head injury, entrapment or shifting. If the hard drive has had a strong shock, there will definitely be damaged sectors. In most cases, the hard drive must be disassembled, parts must be replaced, the head must be reseated, etc.
Data carrier diagnostics is free of charge!

If you have any questions about data recovery for dropped storage devices, feel free to call 5850 1010, fill in the inquiry form or come to our care center in J. Vilmsi 47, Tallinn


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