Data recovery in Tallinn, Estonia.

Data recovery for all data storage devices!

Netiabi Hoolduskeskus recovers data
and helps to store it more efficiently.

We ensure the privacy of your data!

Data recovery for damaged or destroyed computer

Your computer got damaged by water, alcohol or other liquid?
Your computer was destroyed by fire?
Your computer exploded?


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Netiabi Hoolduskeskus helps to restore data for computers destroyed or damaged by liquid.

Data carrier diagnostics takes time from a day to five days. The customer receives a list of the files that can be restored.

If we can’t restore your data, you don’t have to pay!

We guarantee complete privacy of data.

What to do if your computer is damaged by liquid or is completely destroyed?
In case of liquid damage, unplug the computer and remove the battery. Get the computer to repairs as soon as possible. Do not turn on your computer!
As a result of liquid damage, the computer may not function anymore and it is better for you to buy a new one (if the repair exceeds reasonable price limit), but the hard drive can be well and data can be restored by duplicating.
Ruined PCs are usually not restored as it would be too expensive. The computer may be broken, but the hard drive remains intact.
If the hard drive is damaged, it must be checked to determine if the hard drive is functional or not.

If possible, we try to restore the original appearance of your computer and its operating procedures.

Data carrier diagnostics is free of charge!

If you have any questions about data recovery for hard disk drives with damaged sectors, feel free to call 5850 1010, fill in the inquiry form, or come  to our service center in J. Vilmsi 47, Tallinn.

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